The Huawei Mate 40 is delayed until 2021

Huawei is having problems. In recent weeks, the restrictions imposed by the United States have intensified, and this has had very important consequences. One of the most notorious has been the blocking of its supply of chips since it can no longer do business with TSMC, but the measures of Samsung and LG have also generated a lot of stir.

We had many doubts about how this could end up affecting the next smartphones of the Chinese company, that is, we did not know if, in the end, Huawei was going to be able to maintain the pace and the expected deadlines, and now, according to the (almost) always reliable Evan Blass we have discovered that ultimately it will not be like that, that Huawei will have to delay its next flagship.

The Huawei P40 will not reach the international market until next year, a move that, if confirmed, would bring about the latest restrictions that the United States has imposed on the Chinese company. Huawei may also have wanted to wait to see how the presidential elections of November are resolved since Trump’s departure from the White House could give him a great margin of maneuver to start negotiating measures that soften the veto that currently weighs on her.

Despite everything, the same source suggests that the Huawei P40 could reach the Chinese market later this year, that is, it could become an exclusive launch (temporarily) in that country. This has generated a lot of commotion since it is speculated that it will become the first smartphone with HarmonyOS 2.0, but it does not make sense, since Huawei itself pointed to 2021 as the arrival date of the first terminal based on the said operating system.

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