Super slow-motion video shows Apple Watch expelling water

The Apple Watch is a device with a compact body with no holes except for its two speaker holes.

This is the place where water can get into the watch, but Apple has that problem solved. In case you don’t know, Apple Watch has Water Mode that allows users to lock the screen of their device to prevent water from interfering with the screen when you’re in the pool.

When users finish swimming, they can activate a water eject function that emits a sound that vibrates the speakers to remove residual water.

In a new video uploaded by The Slow Mo Guys, it shows how the watch does this exactly in close-up in super slow motion.

The end result is a pretty interesting video, especially when viewed up close. This is because if you look at it normally, the watch seems to spit out small drops of water, but when it is enlarged and slowed down, the video shows the speaker grilles vibrating back and forth to expel the water.


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