Some Apple Watch SE show temperature problems so severe they burn the screen

The presentation of the Apple Watch SE generated great interest. It is an adaptation of the strategy that Apple adopted with the iPhone SE 2020, which consists of offering a device championed by the “exclusivity” conferred by the bitten apple and quite good performance, but with a more “reasonable” price. compared to products without the “SE” mark.

Apple has made the “SE” series synonymous with value for money, an identifier that allows users to be clear that a specific product offers a good level of performance. In fact, in the case of the iPhone SE 2020, the SoC of the iPhone 11 is used, which is cheaper and therefore more accessible.

To reduce the sale price, the user has to be willing to make some sacrifices, both in terms of design and advanced functions. In the case of the Apple Watch SE, the most important sacrifices are in the lack of the electrocardiogram function and the blood oxygen saturation meter, but it seems that Apple has also carried out some modifications internally that would have reduced costs .

Cutting costs can affect the quality and lifespan of the device, and the Apple Watch SE is beginning to show this problem. Some users of said smart watch are complaining about the high temperatures registered by their Apple Watch SE, so much so that it has left burn marks on the screen.

At the moment it is a problem with a very limited scope, but this is a product that has not been on the market for a long time, so it is possible that the number of affected people will increase significantly in the coming weeks. Apple has not commented on this for now.