Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 would arrive with S Pen stylus support

Until now, Samsung has not been able to adapt the S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Z Fold series of folding smartphones despite trying, at least with the second generation of the foldable.

At the time, the limitations came from the technical side, as the UTG (ultra thin glass) layer was not thick enough to withstand the tip of the S Pen.

What’s more, a new report ensures that Samsung would use a digitizer technology called AES (Active Electrostatic Solution) to finally be able to bring the S Pen to the successor of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 .

The Galaxy Note series uses electromagnetic resonance EMR technology for its S Pen, but the same technology would not be flexible enough to accommodate foldable displays – in addition to the problem mentioned above by the UTG layer.

In this state of affairs, Samsung decided to use AES technology to the detriment of production costs, as it is a more expensive technology than EMR.

Likewise, the UTG layer of glass would be doubled in thickness to withstand the S Pen tip, although this decision will surely pose new risks and challenges in a very young technology.