Raspberry Pi OS gets updated with better support for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom and says goodbye to Flash Player

The Raspberry Pi operating system is updated including support for Chromium 84 to improve the use of video calls.

From Raspberry Pi Trading they have announced the latest version of the Raspberry Pi operating system based on Desbian. This update takes into account one of the most present tools among users this year, video calls.

Raspberry Pi OS now supports Chromium 84, the open source base for Google Chrome. This connection will make it easier to operate tools like Google Meet from our Raspberry Pi. The team behind these plates thus wants to facilitate teleworking for its users after videoconferencing became popular due to the pandemic in 2020.

Chromium 84 achieves improvements in the quality of the videos that are played from YouTube , as well as greater efficiency with other platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom . But, this is not the only news, Raspberry Pi says goodbye to Flash Player .

This 2020, among other things, has been the definitive end of Adobe’s Flash Player. Both Microsoft and Google, Apple and Adobe among others have been preparing everything to eliminate Adobe Flash from all their platforms , systems and tools. For many years, cybercriminals have been taking advantage of all the vulnerabilities of this technology to endanger millions of computers around the world, so it was no longer safe to keep it.

Raspberry Pi, in the same way, leaves behind this technology. ” Adobe will retire Flash Player at the end of the year, so this version will be the last to include it. Most websites have stopped requiring Flash Player, so hopefully this is not something anyone will notice. ” , explained Simon Long, a Raspberry Pi user experience engineer on his blog.

And third, the Raspberry Pi OS upgrade marks the shift to the PulseAudio sound server , which addresses many of the complexities of audio on Linux systems. Upgrading with PulseAudio makes a connection between your audio hardware and applications that send and receive audio and allows the output to switch between different devices while playing.

For those of you who have recently arrived in the Raspberry Pi universe, you can install the operating system on a new SD card using the Raspberry Pi Imager or download it from the Raspberry Pi download page.

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