Oculus Quest 2, this is Facebook’s new virtual reality kit

Someone on Facebook has made the mistake of launching the official website of the Oculus Quest 2, a new virtual reality kit that maintains the line and focus of the first-generation model, although it comes, as expected, with important hardware improvements.

The Oculus Quest 2 maintains the baseline and focus of the original model, but is smaller and lighter. This translates into a great improvement, since it implies important advantages in terms of ergonomics and comfort, especially after long sessions of use, which is when a heavy virtual reality kit can be most annoying.

At the hardware level, the Oculus Quest 2 kit brings interesting changes compared to the first-generation model. Facebook has opted for the Snapdragon XR2 SoC, a solution that far exceeds the Snapdragon 835 SoC mounted on the Oculus Quest. This second-generation kit comes with 6 GB of RAM, has 256 GB of RAM, and mounts two screens with 2K resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

For the rest, there is talk of improvements in the ergonomics of the controls and 3D sound support. Together, these are more than enough changes to justify the launch of this new model and they converge towards a clear generational leap. We do not have details about the sale price, but it is likely that it will end up around 500 euros, approximately.


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