Microsoft beating SONY?Xbox Series X will sell twice as much as PS5

The so-called console war is in full swing; With SONY’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S   already unveiled, including its price and release date, many users have set out to reserve their favorite console, so market analysts have already begun to draw your own conclusions about this war. The result? They predict not only that Microsoft will be the winner, but that in the Christmas campaign they will sell twice as many Xbox Series X as PS5.

Of course, at this point and with the consoles still waiting for the starting gun to go on sale, market analysts can only work with fictitious data (that is, it is not empirical) and based on statistics and assumptions, so that the final data could be very different.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 according to user search interest

One of the tools that analysts have used, such as SEO experts from The Hoth firm, has been the data provided by tools such as Google Trends, which are used to see the search trend of some specific terms on Google. After analyzing the interest of users for the consoles in this tool, they have concluded that the Xbox Series X beats SONY’s PS5 by far.

Here you can see some “peaks” in the graph, starting with the Xbox Series X teaser and followed by the SONY developer event where he talked about the console hardware. This ends in a growing trend of user interest in Microsoft’s console since the announcement of the Bethesda purchase, and yet a decreasing trend was shown over the PS5 when SONY announced its price.

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Of course, it seems that these SEO experts have not taken into account that “PS5” is searched much more than “PlayStation 5”, and that you can see for yourself using Google Trends. If we compare the search of both using PS5 instead of PlayStation 5 the graph changes a lot. Furthermore, their search and analysis have been only for the United States and not for the whole world. These two captures we have taken ourselves, using PS5 and for the whole world, not just the US. The result is quite different.

According to these analysts, once SONY disclosed the price of its consoles, consumer interest quickly shifted to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, especially looking for the term accompanied by “where to buy”, which has been found up to 10 times more than accompanied by PS5.

The peaks that can be seen in the graph above correspond to the announcements of both companies, and they tell us a little more about the trend and the interest of users. The source states that now that almost all the details of both consoles are known, the search trends reveal much more interest on the part of users towards the Microsoft console, and they have dared to predict that in the Christmas campaign Microsoft will sell the twice as many consoles as SONY.

Who will win the “war of consoles”?

As mentioned above, this data is only based on trends and predictions, and also the trends show only data for the United States and with a search term that is not the one used by users, and therefore they are anything but accurate. In addition, it must be borne in mind that in this time that remains for both consoles to finally see the light, both SONY and Microsoft will surely have some ace up their sleeves to encourage the purchase of their products and that many users turn their heads towards your console. We’ll see what happens.

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In the end, who will win this console war is something that we will not be able to know until about February or March 2021, when we already have empirical data that we can really trust. Also, remember that this data is based on search trends in Google, and if we think about it, we have all ever searched for information about a Ferrari without intention of buying it, right?

source – thehoth