Linux comes to Mac with Apple M1 processor


First it was Windows 10, and now Linux: Mac computers with the new Apple M1 processor already have another operating system.

Apple wants to revolutionize computing with its new Apple M1 processor with ARM architecture, which basically brings mobile hardware to computers.

A new architecture always has to overcome a wall: that of compatibility. Existing PC software does not work with ARM architecture, so it has to be converted, emulated, or virtualized. The work is hard and can take years, but some developers are rushing: after a developer managed to run Windows 10 on a Macbook Air with Apple M1, they have now managed to adapt Linux to this new architecture.

Interestingly, it was something that Linux creator Linus Torvalds himself asked for a few weeks ago, and it seems they have taken him at his word.

A company called Corellium has already ported Linux to the architecture of the Apple M1, with a rather peculiar name, at least for Hispanics: Linux Macho.

From the looks of it, this is pure command-based Linux, without an interface (at least for now), and it is still in beta. You can download it from this Twitter link, in the absence of the automatic installer, which will be available shortly.

We know nothing more about this Linux Macho, but it is certainly good news for Mac developers because with a native Linux version running on a Mac Mini or Macbook Air with Apple M1, they will be able to convert their applications more easily.

The new M1 architecture Macs have been in the hands of users for a few weeks now, and of course the typical compatibility problems with some commercial applications have arisen. Apple hopes to solve them little by little.

This new strategy from Apple has been a serious blow to Intel, which is still stuck in the 10-nanometer lithography. That is why it is rumored that to continue competing, it is going to contract TSMC to manufacture its 3 and 5 nm processors.

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