iPhone for Life, Apple wants you to switch iPhone every year

Apple has registered the phrase “iPhone for Life”, and it seems that it wants to use it to motivate the user to renew their iPhone maintaining a monthly rhythm.

Changing iPhone every year is not something that is available to everyone, but it is not a problem either, since it is not necessary to change mobile phones every twelve months, even if planned obsolescence and aggressive marketing campaigns would make us believe otherwise.

The phrase “iPhone for Life” could be part of a new Apple strategy to offer a special financing campaign in different countries that makes it easier for users to switch smartphones in annual cycles.

This financing model could be established in several ways. Apple could, for example, offer a financing model through monthly installments with the final option of keeping the iPhone for a certain amount, or of returning it and financing a new iPhone. You could also opt for a pay-per-use model, with a smaller fee, but no final option to keep the smartphone.

With the annual renewal cycles that companies like Apple maintain, the idea of ​​the smartphone as a service, and not as a product, makes more and more sense, and could allow the big players in the sector to open new business areas. Smartphones used under those lease programs could later be sold as refurbished products.

The smartphone-as-a-service model has its advantages, but also its disadvantages, which is that in the end you don’t own anything, and you can’t take advantage of the high residual value that Apple products maintain, even after several years of use.

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