iPhone 13 Pro models may come with 120 Hz ProMotion and Always-On display features.

While the iPhone 12 series has just come out in our country, claims about the iPhone 13 series have already begun to come. According to the latest claims, the iPhone 13 series will feature an Always-On display as well as a high refresh rate with a 120 Hz ProMotion display. It is also among the information that Apple will use LTPO technology in this new series.

Rumors suggest that the 120 Hz display will only be available on Pro models, while the 60 Hz refresh rate will continue in others. In addition, LG and SamsungiPhone screen 13 will continue to be the main suppliers. Meanwhile, the Chinese company called BOE is among the claims that it wants to step in.

The screens to be used for the iPhone 13 are said to be more technologically advanced than those in the iPhone 12 series. Next year’s iPhone models will feature LTPO technology, which saves significantly more power and allows individual pixels to be illuminated rather than the entire screen. This means providing a much smoother scrolling experience, improved movement, and much more, as well as 120 Hz capability. In the meantime, let’s note that the technology is used in Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 smartwatches.

Of course, we will see next year whether these claims are true or not.

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