Intel confirms that the Iris Xe MAX is its dedicated GPU the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 is already in the lab

Intel, during the announcement of its tax revenue for Q3 2020 (which we will talk about when it opens the bag), confirmed that the Iris Xe Max brand is its first dedicated graphics in more than two decades, although for now, we will only see them integrated into the notebook computers, which will be able to work in unison with an integrated graphics card from the company that uses the same architecture, that is, with an iGPU of an 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake processor.

Simply put, the Intel Iris Xe MAX is the most leaked Intel DG1, a low-end dedicated GPU that will not reach desktops.

For desktop, Intel Xe-HPG DG2 graphics will arrive, where Intel revealed that they are already performing tests in their laboratories. These graphics are already for advanced gamers who want to play at high resolutions or at high frame rates, which includes modern technologies such as the RayTracing implementation.

Unfortunately little else is known since these GPUs are in the Alpha phase, so we are still at least half a year away from being able to see something reliable from these GPUs, which would be manufactured by TSMC using a 6nm manufacturing process as revealed in the latest reports due to new Intel lag and its 7nm.