Aurora 7, the world’s first laptop with 7 screens, which have their own battery


We live in the era of screens, and there are already laptops that have two or three. So why not design a laptop with seven screens?

Most users, both private and professional, do not need more than two or three screens when using a laptop. But we must recognize that there are specific cases where it is appreciated that there are some more. So here it is: Expanscape’s Aurora 7 laptop, the world’s first 7-screen laptop.

It is a laptop designed for developers, content creators, system managers, data scientists, security, economists , etc. Professions in which you handle a lot of data at the same time.

It has no less than 4 17.3-inch screens with 4K resolution, and 3 7-inch screens with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution . Although they are not all the same, since they have different screen ratios.

It’s a pity that only a few photos have been revealed, because we would have liked to see on video how such a beast folds and unfolds …

As you can see in the photo, one of the screens is on the keyboard itself , which is also a full 104-key keyboard, the same size as a desktop PC.

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To independently manage these 7 displays, 4 of them with 4K resolution, requires very powerful hardware. And it doesn’t disappoint: it has an Intel Core i9-9900K processor with 8 cores and 16 threads , and an unspecified GPU. The RAM memory reaches 128 GB.

It also has four network cards, an Arduino connector, several SSDs that add up to 16 TB of capacity, and other characteristics not yet defined, since for now we are talking about a prototype.

The goal of Expanscape , the PC builder that is creating Aurora 7, is that the whole set does not weigh more than 10 kilos.

It’s not called portable because you can easily transport it, but because you can use it wherever you want, thanks to its two batteries: one of 82 Whr for the laptop, and another of 148 Whr for the screens. They can work together or separately.

If Aurora 7 works without cables, the autonomy is just under an hour. Something logical, if we take into account that it has 4 4K screens, and other very demanding hardware. We can also connect the laptop to a socket, and use the monitors with battery. In that case the autonomy goes up to two and a half hours.

As we have commented, at the moment it is an almost finished prototype but still under development, so its price has not been revealed. But something tells us that it won’t be cheap …

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