Atari Mini Pong Jr: the legendary 1972 game returns in the form of a mini console

Almost 50 years later, one of the first video games in history is reincarnated in the form of a mini console, to show that revolutionary ideas are still just as fun.

Nintendo’s NES Mini started the mini-console craze, and here we have the latest member of the bunch. Atari has just announced the new Atari Mini Pong Jr, a mini console based on one of the first video games in history, Pong, released in 1972.

We do not believe that there is someone who has not played Pong or has not seen it before, because it has been cloned millions of times on all kinds of devices.

Pong is the classic paddle video game, one of the first coin-operated arcade machines in history. The new Atari Mini Pong Jr console recreates it in a reduced version, keeping the mode for two players. Here you can see the presentation video:

Pong is a video game developed by Allan Alcorn for Atari in 1972. It was one of the first slot machines in history , and the first to achieve worldwide success.

The game was very simple: two players turned the circular knob to move a racket and hit the ball. But it was this simplicity of play, and the fact that it was completely new entertainment, that made it such a huge hit.

The new Atari Mini Pong Jr console is a reduced version, 30 centimeters long, designed to be placed on a table. It has a 7.9-inch LCD screen, and two controllers to play two players in local mode.

It also has an AI mode for a player where a paddle is handled by the console, with 10 levels of difficulty.

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It is powered by a USB cable, and it can also use rechargeable batteries. So it is possible to play anywhere.

The new Atari Mini Pong Jr will go on sale this Christmas in the United States and Asia. There is no news of its launch in Europe, and the price has not been revealed either.