Asus Voted Best Laptop Brand of 2020; Apple and Microsoft as the worst

Each year Laptop Mag publishes a ranking of the best and worst laptop brands, and for this, it takes into account the reviews (up to 40 points), the design (up to 15 points), the support and warranty (up to 20 points). offered by the company, the innovation (up to 10 points) when developing its products, and the cost of the hardware equipment and the features it offers (up to 15 points).

All these scores add up, and for the first time in Asus history, it has managed to position itself as the best laptop brand of 2020.

Asus has finally risen to the top to claim the crown. After years of pushing bold and innovative features with the most glorious designs we’ve seen, it has all paid off. The company practically created products with dual screens and super powerful detachable gaming rigs.

In the second place, very close, was Dell, which is worse in design and innovation, but recovered some points in support and warranty; while in third place was HP, which compared to Asus was worse in reviews and innovation. At the gates of the podium, in fourth place MSI, where its score was most affected in innovation and price. Of course, the company rose 7 places compared to last year’s ranking, so it has improved significantly.

“Innovative – that’s the word that comes to mind when we think of Dell. The Texas tech giant pioneered the bezel-less, four-sided display with its popular XPS line. It’s that eye for innovation that helped Dell to second place, and could potentially catapult the company to first place. “

“Our 2019 report winner, HP, dropped a few spots this year after disappointing in our tech support showdown. HP sells some of the best laptops in several categories: premium, business, and gaming, but poor budget options. weigh on your qualification results. “

“MSI has not only dug out of the double digits this year but has placed itself in the top 5 laptop brands. The company not only improved its gaming laptops but also expanded its selection and reconfigured the design of its mainstream notebooks. flagship laptops. “

On the other side of the ranking, Apple holds the penultimate position offering a very low score in innovation and value for what you pay, to a great extent, it saves from being the last thanks to the reviews, and is that Apple is very selective when it comes to submitting your products and it is extremely rare that something negative is said about your products on these portals, so reviews are worthless. In the last place, Microsoft with a score of 70 points out of 100 compared to Asus’ 88/100. Neither is Microsoft’s position surprising, of course.

“Apple was our third-worst brand in our 2019 report on the best and worst, and this year, the Cupertino tech giant is our second-worst brand after Microsoft. What contributed to Apple’s downgrading are its mixed results. In our phone technical support report and its lack of offers for budget-conscious consumers, it would be difficult to find an Apple laptop that does not have a four-figure price tag. At the same time, we understand that Apple is a luxury brand, so even though Apple may not be able to cater to its non-wealthy fans, the Cupertino-based tech giant can still rise to the top of the ranks by introducing new design options and taking more risks with innovation. “

“Finishing the last place, Microsoft had a quiet year separating the products it launched from the ones it announced. The new addition to its laptop/tablet lineup, the Surface Pro X, disappointed, while the new models launched did not change in greatly compared to previous versions. “