Asus ROG kicked off Q3 2020 as the leader in gaming laptops with a 23.6% market share

Asus, and its gaming division Republic of Gamers (ROG), have announced today that they started Q3 2020 with very good data, to the point that last July almost a quarter of laptops gaming sold was from Asus ROG.

This translated into a 23.6 percent market share, which, according to the company, allows it to have reached the milestone of leading 1 year as the leading gaming laptop brand in the APAC region (Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia and the Pacific).

If we talk about high-performance gaming laptops, which are only those equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics solution, they reached a market share of 29.2 percent.

Although they did not reveal data on the competition, the logical thing would be that the second company that sells the most gaming laptops is MSI, while the third place would be much discussed by companies of the caliber of Acer or HP, which in recent years have strengthened Its presents in the portable gaming equipment market.

  • World-leading market share: ROG and Asus gaming laptops have accounted for nearly a quarter of sales through July 2020.
  • The premium sector in high demand: ROG RTX high-end gaming notebooks rank # 1 in global sales with a 29.2% market share in July.
  • Regional Dominance: ROG and Asus are ranked # 1 in the APAC region for 12 consecutive months.