Apple prepares a second model of Apple Glass with AR and VR for 2023

Apple may have its Augmented Reality Apple Glass glasses ready by 2022, and a second ultra-high-resolution VR / AR hybrid device by 2023.

That information comes from a new Bloomberg report that provides insight into Apple’s Augmented Reality technology launch plans with its two new devices, codenamed N421 and N301.

The first, N421, is the AR Apple Glass from which we have been hearing rumors for years. They are lightweight and offer Augmented Reality through Apple’s ARKit technology.

According to the report, however, the second team, N301, is Apple’s most ambitious since it combines AR and VR: the teams will have a high-resolution screen as well as a speaker system that “will make it almost impossible for a user to differentiate the virtual world of the real ».

That system will be inspired by the Oculus Quest design using a cloth design and will be cable free. It will have its own section in the App Store, it seems, and comes from Apple’s Augmented Reality team with more than 1,000 employees.

Apple appears to be building a robust ecosystem of products with Augmented Reality capabilities tailored to user preferences at different price levels.

The N301 would be aimed at Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality gamers and enthusiasts, while the N421 could be a modern, affordable, and practical device for a wider audience.

The Apple Glass will include games, video streaming software, and virtual meeting applications, and will be able to be controlled primarily by Siri voice commands – although a controller is also being tested.

According to the Bloomberg report, it doesn’t look like any of these products are going to be announced at Monday’s WWDC 2020 conference, but we’ll be on the lookout for the latest in iOS 14, tvOS 14 and Apple’s upcoming HomePod.


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