Apple is preparing to launch the first MacBook with an ARM processor in November

Apple announced this year its plans to gradually move the processors of its computers to the ARM architecture, something that would be done using the company’s own Apple Silicon processors, leaving aside the need to make use of Intel processors that have such mediocre results. They are hitting some of the company’s computers, where in April we commented that Apple might do something about the MacBook Air overheating.

As we mentioned, these processors will arrive manufactured by TSMC, possibly at a 5-nanometer node, which should yield promising results of efficiency and power compared to Intel’s 14 nanometers, which, although they are very advanced, are beginning to not be capable. to carry their age in terms of incorporating them into computers such as MacBook.

As we can read in TechPowerUp, we will barely have to wait a month to see how Apple presents its first product with Apple Silicon processors, and that is, although there is already a device for developers to start adapting their applications, based on a Mac Mini with Apple A12Z processor, it is not for sale to the public.

This product would be either a MacBook Air or a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and whichever it is, it would have its own dedicated event in November, so they are unlikely to be released on October 13, although they may mention their existence.