The launch of the iPhone 12 was overshadowed by a curious move by the company, selling the terminal without a charger or headphones claiming a reduction in its carbon footprint, but this has not really been proven by the company, so the protection agency to the São Paulo consumer Procon-SP indicated that Apple did not offer any evidence to support this theory or to justify not including the charger in the box. Because of this, the company is now forced to offer the charger together with the smartphone .

“Procon-SP understands that when buying a new terminal, the consumer has the expectation that not only the iPhone will present a better performance, but also the power adapter (charging the device faster and more safely); remembering that the device is an essential part for the use of the product “, said Fernando Capez, executive director of Procon-SP .

“Apple does not demonstrate in its response that the use of older adapters cannot compromise the charging process and the safety of the procedure, nor that the use of third-party chargers will not be used as an excuse for a rejection for eventual product repair during the legal or contractual guarantee.

” The company does not demonstrate an environmental benefit with the change. It is contradictory to sell the device without the charger, without reviewing the value of the product and without presenting a plan for the collection of old devices, recycling, etc. The chargers must be available to customers. consumers who request them.

Despite reporting that taking the chargers out of the box would reduce carbon emissions, mining and the use of precious materials, the company does not demonstrate this environmental gain .

“By not being able to sell the product without the charger, claiming to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental protection, the company must present a recycling project. Procon-SP will demand that Apple present a viable plan. Apple’s conduct will be reviewed by the supervisory board and, if violations of the law are found, a fine may be imposed according to the provisions of the Defense and Consumer Protection Code . “

On the other hand, in France , Apple has been forced to sell the iPhone 12 with  headphones , since the Communications Law of the French country establishes that devices that have a radio cannot be sold without headphones , so by law, These headphones accompany the smartphone in a second box, so we don’t see any reduction in carbon emissions here.


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