Apple Glasses May Allow Automatically Unlocking of All Apple Devices


Technology advances as fast as our ideas. Apple Glass is getting closer and closer and each patent indicates an improved design, on that occasion, a patent indicates a very curious feature and that is that they could unlock the iPhone without the need for Face ID or pin.

There are numerous patents that arise every month on Apple glasses. The Cupertino company is preparing a smart device that would allow the user to use their iPhone quickly, without entering any type of pin or making use of Face ID.

nueva patente indica apple glass podrian ayudar desbloquear dispositivos manzana 2195743

The patent refers to an initial patent dating from 2018 and in this update the possibility of unlocking our mobile device is indicated by just being at a certain distance. That is, by proximity, this is how Apple devices would be unlocked.

Something very curious is that in the patent they do not mention any glasses , they only indicate that it is an intelligent device that is put on the head. Be that as it may, in the text they indicate that it is not even necessary to look at the iPhone to unlock it, it will also work with iPad and Mac, both MacBook and iMac.

Let’s say it is a technology very similar to what exists today, since users of a Mac and an Apple Watch, can unlock the first using the smartwatch.

In the same text it is indicated that there could be different levels of unlocking. This seems very useful to us, since we will not always want to unlock the phone, but simply see the notifications, the time, etc. without the need to unlock the terminal.

nueva patente indica apple glass podrian ayudar desbloquear dispositivos manzana 2195745

Another interesting use is that when using an iPad, for example, the authentication code that connects that device with the Apple Glass would detect that we have stopped looking at the screen and it would lock. The glasses would also feature voice commands, body gestures (including eyes), hand movements, etc.

Apple seems to be in the prime of its life, between the sales figures, the participation in medical research and the preparation of its electric car, all is good news for the Cupertino company.

Although the reality is different, since Apple is with many open fronts and almost all half finished. The truth is that the fact that there is a patent does not ensure at any time that this product will end up being officially launched.


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