AMD goes beyond processors and starts selling mountain bikes

The company's merchandise store is updated with an unexpected product

AMD is a well-known brand in the technology world for being behind processors and graphics cards that are popular in the gaming world, but did you know that that is not all it offers? In fact, the company has a merchandise store with different products. One of them is a mountain bike.

If you visit the merchandise page you will see that AMD is selling mountain bikes with 21 speeds and a double suspension frame. The great detail that makes it an AMD product is that it has the brand logo in different parts.

The AMD mountain bike is offered in 3 different models, among which the color changes. Note that each model is offered for $ 299 USD and only ships to the United States.

You can see it below:


Now, it is important to note that AMD offers other products in its online store. That said, the above is completely separate from your operations as a company that designs processors and graphics cards.

But what else does it offer? If you take a walk around the store you will see different products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and prints. All have designs based on or inspired by the company’s logos or its different product lines.

And if you’re wondering: yes. We walked around the store and the strangest thing we found was the bicycle.


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