The Justice League Snyder Cut Has 5 More Villains Than The First Movie Version


Zack Snyder doesn’t want to make things easy for superheroes, that’s why his Justice League has 5 more villains than the first version. 

When in his day he was offered to be the creator of the expanded DC universe, Zack Snyder was very clear about what he wanted to do with the stories of the superheroes of the comics , and despite the fact that his vision was quite altered with the little enthusiasm with him. that Batman vs Superman was welcomed , and his dismissal from Justice League, now that he has had a second chance, he has taken advantage of it very well.

And if in Joss Whedon’s version the group of superheroes had it difficult to ensure that the world was not destroyed, in Zack Snyder’s version, they will have it even more, because the director did not want to make it easy for Batman and company and has added five more villains against whom the vigilantes must fight, apart from the well-known Steppenwolf.

First we have Darkseid, the original Justice League villain who was eliminated by Whedon and who is responsible for Steppenwolf’s arrival on Earth as his emissary. Darkseid is an unscrupulous and tremendously powerful intergalactic villain who will not make it easy for heroes. And since the bad guys never come alone, to this couple we must add another, Desaad, one of Darkseid’s disciples called the “master of torture”, capable of manipulating emotions and feelings, he manages to turn heroes into villains …

But in Snyder’s version of Justice League there is also room for earthly villains, such as Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke who will go from appearing in the post-credits scene to being in the main footage, accompanied, of course, by his usual leader, Lex Luthor, who will be played again by Jesse Eisenberg, this time bald and in jail.

And if all the previous villains were on Snyder’s mind in his first version of Justice League, the latter has been a small luxury that the director has given himself, who wanted to see how Ben Affleck’s Batman took on his particular Joker, this time played by Jared Leto and fresh out of Arkham Asylum. 

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