Darren Lynn Bousman , the director of Saw II , Saw III , Saw IV and Spiral: Saw , had already commented that he expected the Saw film saga to continue to expand with new installments of the reboot but also with new feature films from the main line of films or even with television series, as if it were the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

But it seems that his next project will not be related to this saga of horror films but will be the film adaptation of one of his favorite video games, although he has not yet been able to reveal what it is.

” Yeah, I can’t say what it is right now, this is crazy, but I got the offer to direct the film version of one of my favorite video games ,” confirmed Darren Lynn Bousman, adding that he loves video games and likes to explore his narrative to see how the story is told from that medium.

Now Bousman has the opportunity to return to that video game that he loves so much and tell us about it from another perspective for the cinema, but keeping it interactive in some way. “It was a PS3, PS4 game . Very exciting ”, are the only clues we have about this adaptation.

It is not known if it will be a horror movie, although it could be considering the director’s cinematographic background. On the big screen we have been watching video game adaptations for a long time, and horror video games .

In recent years we have tended the Resident Evil movie saga directed by Paul WS Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich , and even today there are still projects related to this famous video game saga. Another zombie apocalypse title , The Last of Us , will also receive a serial adaptation for HBO . 

What will be the mysterious title of Darren Lynn Bousman? What video games would be luxurious in an adaptation to another format? 

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