The Bo-Katan actress never imagined she would appear in the Mandalorian


Although she had been lending the voice to Bo-Katan for years, Katee Sackhoff always thought they would choose another actress to bring her to life in The Mandalorian.

Sometimes dreams do come true, even if it takes a while for them to come true, as happened to Katee Sackhoff, who always wanted to appear in a Star Wars movie, and well, more or less she has.

For those of you who do not know her name, Sackhoff is the actress who has lent her voice to the Mandalorian Bo-Katan for almost a decade in the animated series The Clone Wars, however, when she learned that in The Mandalorian Her character was going to appear, she never imagined that she was going to be the one who would also play Katan in live action, because she thought that surely Disney would look for another more well-known actress to put on the Mandalore armor.

“Since I was very young I have always loved Star Wars. When I moved to California I always joked that there is only one thing I would never say no to, if I was called to be a rock in a Star Wars movie, there I would to be me. It would be a rock but in that world “, confessed the actress in an episode of Inside You Podcast.

But a decade ago he got a life-changing call , Dave Filoni wanted his voice for Bo-Katan, “I jumped for joy, I didn’t think twice, I was like,” of course, a Mandalorian geurrera? Of course, “and during the entire time she was lending her voice to this character, she and Filoni were always joking about who would be chosen to bring her to life.” She always joked with him because he thought they would recast and fuck someone like Scarlett Johansson “.

However, during the Star Wars Celebration where The Mandalorian was announced, Sackhoff took the opportunity to remind Feloni how good she is at being female warriors although always “joking”, but Jon Favreau called her into a meeting to talk about Bo-Katan in his series for Disney +. “It wasn’t until the middle of that meeting that I realized she was talking about me playing Bo-Katan. I still keep pinching myself, not just because they gave life to Bo-Katan but because they chose me to be her.”

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