Marvel Studios prepares a series about Wakanda for Disney Plus hosted by Ryan Coogler

Disney Plus will host a series focused on the kingdom of Wakanda with the host of Ryan Coogler that will allow us to see more of the advanced African nation.

In 2018, Black Panther became a phenomenon. Ryan Coogler signed an Oscar-winning film for its portrayal of the fictional nation of Wakanda and for performances by actors like the late Chadwick Boseman. The kingdom of Wakanda became quite a spectacle that has been represented in tapes like Avengers: Infinity War, where the first great battle against Thanos takes place before the first snap.

Marvel Studios has had to restructure the history of Wakanda and Black Panther in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s passing last year. The actor who played T’Challa (Black Panther) lost the battle after several years fighting cancer in secret.

Now, Marvel Studios wants to delve into the Wakandan imaginary through a new Disney Plus series that will focus on the African kingdom that has remained hidden for generations from the eyes of the rest of the world, at least when it comes to its true potential.

Ryan Coogler, who is already working on Black Panther 2, and The Walt Disney Company have signed a five-year agreement to produce various content, including the aforementioned Black Panther sequel and this new Wakanda series that was announced yesterday. via a statement from Marvel Studios. At the moment there is not much data beyond the conception of this series. We do not know when it will be set within the UCM chronology or who will be its protagonists.

What do you think we can expect from this Wakanda series coming to Disney Plus?

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