The Lord of the Rings , the Amazon series is not yet available on Amazon Prime Video but updates on the second season are already arriving , the filming of which apparently will be carried out in the United Kingdom , which has led to a mass shift of production, according to what reported by Deadline.

The first season of The Lord of the Rings is in fact filmed in New Zealand , following in the footsteps of what was done by Peter Jackson’s films, with post-production always carried out on site, so the cast and the various people involved in the creation of the series worked in mostly in the country in question.

By moving the shooting to the UK, cast and staff will be transferred en masse to that country, with a clear shift in logistical terms that will have repercussions from the point of view of the organization, as well as of course the atmospheres and scenarios that will be visible in the episodes.

At the moment, the post-production of the first season in New Zealand is still in progress , so the prospect of the move is still quite distant, but evidently the program is already fixed, also in view of a desire, expressed by Amazon, to expand the its presence in the UK, again according to Deadline.



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