Kojima revealed that he loves the PC industry and wants to satisfy his fans


Hideo Kojima is one of the most representative creatives in the entire gaming industry. This is why many of the works have great affection within the hearts of their fans, since many have grown up with them. The arrival of Death Stranding marked the return of the creative, the title received various applause from the industry, but also had various criticisms.

Although at first the game only made it to PlayStation 4, it did not take long for it to land on PC, where it shone much brighter. Now then, the manager has revealed during an interview with 505 Games that he loves the PC industry, ensuring that he wants to satisfy his fans.

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“It was a long time before I started making games for consoles, so I have a lot of love and affinity for the PC. Games are developed on PC, after all. Another problem was the mouse controls. I’m not very good at playing with a mouse, but the PC version had to support mouse controls of course, but setting them up was tricky. However, I left it to our staff. However, I am glad that we accepted the challenge, because it seems that people are satisfied with the results, ”said Hideo Kojima.

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