Disney + viewers will not be too surprised to find that the series added to the streaming platform catalog will complement the films debuting as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Currently, we are witnessing an increasingly stronger integration of these productions. According to the editorial office of Deadline,  Anthony Mackie signed the contract and will become the main character of “Captain America 4”.

Thus, Mackie is continuing the project and will continue to work with Malcolm Spellman, showrunner of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, who will now be creating and writing the script for “Captain America 4”. Earlier films were directed by the Russo brothers (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War”) and Joe Johnston (“Captain America: The First Stand”).

The ending of the series heralded a new story, meanwhile we can confirm that Spellman will be in charge of making the film. While the project was announced many months ago, we currently don’t know a possible release date. However, bearing in mind the extensive plans of Marvel Studios for the next few years, you will have to be patient while waiting for the new show with Captain America in the lead role.


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