More information arrives on the first electric Ferrari


It promises to be the soap opera of the decade and no one can assure that it will become a reality, but it seems spectacular.

The first electric Ferrari could now be a reality before 2030. Just a few months ago, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri stated that he did not see an electric Ferrari in the medium term. And at that time I already told you, as you can read here, that ‘where I said I say, I say Diego’. Ferrari is an expert brand in this material, I assure you.

So is Ferrari developing an electric car yes or no ? Well yes and no. I explain. Obviously the Italian brand has not given any official information about it, but one has been following in the footsteps of the Italian brand for a few years now and its ‘modus operandi’ hardly varies over time.

Electric Ferrari, yes or no?

And it is that although both news seem contradictory, perhaps they are not. Ferrari tends to play a lot of distraction . The last recorded news jumped into the ring when a Ferrari patent was uncovered from an electric car forum showing a vehicle with electric motors in each wheel and an advanced electronic all-wheel drive system.

ferrari laferrari vettel 2238219

Everyone quickly put their hands on their heads: the first electric Ferrari is here! But be careful because there may be a cat locked up. The patent shows a very interesting electric propulsion system, with an electric motor in each wheel and independent of the others.

This system would allow an optimal torque distribution at all times, since the electronic torque vectoring would allow to obtain an absolutely bestial level of grip on any terrain. What many have ignored (or wanted to ignore) is that this patent also opens the door to placing an internal combustion engine that supports the whole.

At Ferrari you have to read carefully

ferrari 488 gt modificata 2148117

Louis Camilleri stated: ” I don’t see a 100% electric Ferrari in the near future .” Something that relieved us a lot, although as I have already told you, at Ferrari they also said that they would never make an SUV and two days later they said: long live the SUVs! So you have to take everything with great caution.

Still, Camilleri may be right. It seems clear that Ferrari is going to electrify its range in the coming years : in 2022 it wants 60% of its range to be electrified and it is possible that around 2025 we will see models where electricity is the protagonist. If I had to bet my money, I would say the following.

The successor to the LaFerrari

ferrari laferrari vossen 0

It seems clear that Ferrari is developing a very advanced electrical system, much more than a traditional hybrid system like the one seen in the McLaren Artura or the one that will soon be the Ferrari V6 hybrid . And personally I think it could be the future Ferrari hypercar, the successor to the LaFerrari .

It would make sense: Ferrari tends to release this type of car every 10 or 12 years. The LaFerrari was presented in March 2013, so around 2024 we should see its successor. And yes, we could talk about a revolutionary car, a hybrid vehicle where electricity would be the protagonist but where a very advanced heat engine could also be part of the whole.

In this way, Camilleri’s words would make sense: it would not be a 100% electric Ferrari but it would be so advanced in this sense that it would place the Italian firm in a leading position in the race for electric sports cars. In Maranello they usually know how to play their cards very well and this option seems to me to make all the sense in the world. In a few years we will read again.

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